Construction Eye Safety

There is a reason construction jobs generally pay well – it’s hard work, often requires physical strength, and it carries safety risks. While workers may think about the obvious threats such as falling off a platform or slipping with a nail gun, injuries to the eyes are often tiny, fast,… Read More

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Chemical Risks to the Eyes

Every workplace contains some kinds of chemical – from basic cleaners, to industrial chemicals used in manufacturing. Many chemicals can be extremely hazardous to the eyes, causing temporary vision loss or even blindness. Eye safety is a key way to mitigate the chemical risks workplace cleaners can have on your… Read More

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Preventing Sun Damage to Eyes

Finally, the days are getting longer here in Alberta. But even before the sun reaches its longest days, we still have some quite blinding sunlight to contend with, often glaring right off white snow, which can be very hard on the eyes. Have you suffered a day in tough conditions… Read More

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Should Employers Pay for Prescription Safety Glasses?

Eyesafe has hundreds of Alberta employers on our program, ranging from the largest companies in the oil sands, to small operations with just a few employees. So, does being on the Eyesafe program mean all these employers are paying the full cost for prescription safety eyewear? Not at all. The… Read More

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Digital Devices and Eye Strain

Human beings are relying more and more on digital devices. Not only do we use them at work, we use them for entertainment, as alarm clocks, as recipe guides making dinner, and for social interaction of all kinds. The downside is that these heavy digital habits are taking quite a… Read More

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New Prescription Safety Glass Frames for 2015

Whether you’re in Fort McMurray or elsewhere in Alberta, closer-fitting prescription safety glasses are in high demand in the oil and gas industry. That demand will be better met in 2015 thanks to the upcoming Uvex Rx SW10 Hypershock frames. These sport-inspired frames promise “high impact protection, with streamlined padded… Read More

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Why use an Optometrist?

There are many sources to buy eyewear nowadays – from corner stores to sites online.   So, if your employees know their prescriptions, do they really need an Optometrist? Yes they do.  Here’s why. Eyes tell more than just vision. Optometrists are eye doctors who have earned the Doctor of Optometry… Read More

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How to Choose Your Prescription Safety Glasses

Safety Managers, have you ever had an employee come in trying to expense a pair of fancy designer safety glasses  – and then wondered if the glasses were even up to safety code?   Saying yes to the expense feels like you’ve been taken, but saying no could be creating a… Read More

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