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To Get Started, You’ll Need A Job Order Form From Your Employer

Congratulations! As an employee who works for a company that is a member of the Eyesafe™ program, you’re going to get a perfect pair of prescription safety glasses that will keep you safe and comfortable on the job!

To get your safety prescription eyewear order processed, you’ll need an Eyesafe™ Job Order Form from your employer. The form outlines your company’s policy for cost coverage, frames, lenses and coating options. Think of it as a summary of the options you have available when you visit a participating Eyesafe™ clinic.

Have Your Job Order Form? Then Follow These 5 Steps:

Step 1: Review the Options on Your Form

The Job Order provided by your employer will show the choices and restrictions it has for frames, lenses, coatings, and the coverage amount. All Eyesafe™ clinics strictly comply with the Job Order Form.

Step 2: Book Your Appointment

It’s time to visit an Eyesafe™ clinic to choose your prescription safety eyewear! To book your appointment, contact the Eyesafe™ clinic in your area. You can find the closest clinic location here. For added convenience, you can also book your annual eye exam at the same time. Just let the clinic staff know.

Step 3: Ensure Outside Options are Indicated and Authorized on the Form

If you would like an option outside of your company’s policy as indicated on the Job Order – such as transition lenses, please ensure approval is indicated and authorized on the Job Order.

Step 4: Clinic Staff Recommendations

Clinic staff will recommend the frame, lens and coating that provides the best fit and protection from your workplace hazards. If the clinic does not carry the frame you would like, ask that they contact the Eyesafe™️ office.

Step 5: Safety Eyewear Pick Up, The Perfect Fit Promise, Service Survey

When you pick up your completed safety eyewear in five to 10 business days after ordering, the clinic will ensure a Perfect Fit to your face. After you receive your safety eyewear, we encourage you to take the service survey. Your feedback helps our team to provide the best service possible!

What to Expect When Visiting an Eyesafe™ Clinic

Ensuring that your eyes are properly protected requires that you share some information with the staff at the Eyesafe™️ clinic you visit.

It’s your turn to ask questions and share information about your work environment.

Helpful Information to Share

  1. Let the clinic staff know about the hazards you face in your work environment, such as dust, chemicals, flying debris and/or fine particles.
  2. Mention other environmental challenges such as extreme temperatures, being outdoors, sun exposure, humidity or wet conditions.
  3. Explain the average number of hours each day that you will wear your safety eyewear.

Things to Remember for Your Visit

When trying on various frames, it’s important to focus on more than just how the eyewear looks.

Frames come in many sizes allowing you to find a fit that works best for you.

Some frames allow greater peripheral vision. Your frames should match the peripheral vision needed for your work environment.

If your work environment requires a full seal or dust dam, both will provide greater protection and more comfort if you are wearing safety eyewear for long periods of time.

The clinic staff will help you find the Perfect Fit. If it’s not the right fit, we can help.

Manufacturing your order will take five to 10 business days, depending on your prescription, lens and frame choices. Our goal is accuracy and quality to ensure we meet Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety requirements and your employer’s policy guidelines.

We encourage you to take a look at the Eyesafe™️ Catalogue online. Most clinics will carry 10 to 20 frame choices, if the clinic does not carry the frame you would like, ask that they contact the Eyesafe™️ office. While you may like the look of a frame, the Eyesafe™️ clinic staff can advise you on whether the frame will provide the best fit and protection for you.

Eye Exams: It’s All Connected

There’s more to a comprehensive eye exam than just checking how well you can see and determining your eyeglass prescription (refraction).

Detecting Eye Diseases, Retina Tears and Tumors

During a comprehensive eye exam your optometrist examines the tissues and structures inside the eye, looking for eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration, as well as tears in the retina, bleeding and tumors. Many eye diseases have no early signs or symptoms, and early treatment is much more successful in managing the disease.

Eye Exams Can Reveal Signs of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Disease

Your optometrist is also looking for early signs of serious medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases during an exam.

Employer Coverage

Many employers cover the cost of eye exams through Eyesafe™️ or your benefits provider. Check with your employer. If you are not covered, the small cost of an eye exam significantly helps you manage your health.

Urgent Care

Call for an urgent appointment for eye infections, injury or inflammation of the eye and eyelid. Your optometrist has the proper knowledge and equipment necessary to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications. There is Alberta Health coverage towards these appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your current optometrist’s clinic is a member of Eyesafe™ then yes, you can. Call the clinic and ask or look for the Eyesafe™️ logo next to your clinic’s name on the Find an Eyesafe™️ Clinic feature.

Use the Find an Eyesafe™ Optometrist feature to locate an Eyesafe™ clinic nearest you. With more than 350+ member clinics, you’re likely not far from an Eyesafe™ clinic.

Your Job Order Form will outline the policy of your employer for frame, lens and coating options.

Eyesafe™ works closely with your employer to choose the right policy for frames, lenses and coatings meeting the hazards of your work environment and compliance standards. If an option is restricted, most often it’s because of specific compliance requirements or safety policies of your employer.

Generally, the answer is no. Your employer has specified which options are available for frames, lenses and coatings. This policy is based on compliance standards and your work environment. If you want to add an option (such as transition lenses) that your employer has not approved, it’s your responsibility to obtain the approval and have it noted on the Job Order Form.

Eyesafe™ clinics are professionals in ocular services. The clinic staff works closely with you to choose the right lenses and coatings based on your eye prescription, hazards, employer’s policy and frame choice.

Your Job Order Form will specify the maximum contribution that your employer will make towards your prescription safety eyewear purchase. You can ask the clinic to provide you with a quote showing the portion covered and what would be payable by you. They can also adjust your choice of frame, lens and coatings until you are satisfied with the amount you need to pay. The cost of Eyesafe™️ prescription safety eyewear is significantly lower due to the volume of safety eyewear it manufactures each year.

Eyesafe™️ guarantees the Perfect Fit of your eyewear. It’s important that your eyewear fits your facial features in order to ensure the best protection. This isn’t available online. It’s about protecting your only set of eyes. Isn’t it worth the time and effort?

If your safety eyewear frame or lenses are not working well, contact your optometric clinic right away for any adjustments or changes. Frames that are already worn in the workplace cannot be returned but may be adjusted to provide a better fit. Your lenses have a 120 day re-do warranty for lens non-adaptation and prescription changes. See the warranty information on this page below.

A Variety Of  Safety Frame Sizes And Styles

Eyesafe™ offers 150+ frame choices in various sizes and styles to fit your facial features and mitigate workplace hazards. Eyesafe™ carries frames that are compliant to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Z94.3) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z87.1).

SCBA mask

SCBA Lens Inserts

Eyesafe™ can provide prescription safety lenses for most SCBA mask inserts for industrial and hazmat workers, as well as firefighters.

Close Fit Frames Provide a Snug Fit

Close fit frames reduce the gap between the frame and the face. Most close fit frames have integrated side shields and generally provide better comfort as the design allows the frame to fit snug.

Sealed and Gasket Frames Give Extra Protection

A close fit style frame also provides greater protection with a foam or rubber seal around the front of the frame. The seal helps to block out dust and debris. Most frames offer removable seals for ease of cleaning and replacement. Full seals and partial seals (dust dams) are available through Eyesafe™.

Contemporary Frames That Meet Impact Standards

Contemporary frames feel and look similar to everyday frames, but meet impact standards. These frames can be made of metal or plastic. Many styles also include spring hinges and are designed to be extremely durable. Contemporary frames accommodate all levels of prescriptions making it a good choice for individuals with high prescriptions.

Specialty Frames Available in Assorted Styles

Eyesafe™ offers various styles of specialty frames including non-conductive, protection from chemical splash, and wire mesh shields for foundry applications.

Lens Materials That Get The Job Done

A wide assortment of custom-made lens materials are available through Eyesafe™️. The type of lens provided at the clinic will be based on your prescription, workplace hazards and your employer’s safety policy.

Cr-39 Plastic Lenses Provide Comfort and Durability

Light weight, impact resistant and widely prescribed for comfort and durability, the CR-39 plastic lens is designed to allow for tinting and other treatments, and is one of the most popular choices for safety eyewear. A scratch resistant coating is always applied to prevent scuffs and marks.

Polycarbonate Lenses Are Ideal For Stronger Prescriptions

Lighter than plastic while still meeting the minimum thickness requirements of safety eyewear, polycarbonate lenses are ideal for stronger prescriptions. They offer protection from the sun’s harmful ultra violet light.

Trivex Lenses Are Virtually Weightless

Similar to polycarbonate in durability and ultra violet protection, Trivex lenses are virtually weightless and provide exceptional clarity and comfort.

Optical Clarity

Lens Coatings Enhance Durability, Performance And Appearance

Lens coatings on prescription safety eyewear enhance durability, performance and appearance. Your choice of coating options is determined by your company’s safety eyewear policy as noted on your Job Order Form.

Scratch-Resistant Lens Coatings

Prescription safety lenses that are scratch-resistant provide protection from fine scuffs, abrasions and marks.

Lens Coatings with UV Protection

Lens coatings with UV protection block harmful ultra violet light, especially for outdoor workers.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

Anti-Reflective lenses eliminate glare and may enhance clarity for some individuals.

Customized Tints

Tints provide protection from bright environments, such as outdoor sunlight. Tints come in a variety of colours, each offering an advantage for use. Tints can be customized to a specific level of darkness based on your safety policy.

Photochromatic Lenses

Photochromatic lenses keep clear indoors, and then darken when exposed to sunlight and ultra violet rays. The greater the exposure to ultra violet rays (i.e. brighter sunlight), the darker the lens becomes.

Anti-Fog Protection

Lenses that are treated to work with an activator cloth in eliminating fog build up. Just wipe your lenses with the activator cloth to activate the anti-fog treatment.

Blue Light Coating

Providing all the benefits of an anti reflective coating combined with blue protection that reduces exposure to blue light by at least 30%.

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You’re Backed By The Eyesafe™ Warranty

Eyesafe™ will make sure that your safety eyewear protects you the way it should. If you happen to find that your frame or lenses don’t meet your expectations, we’re here to help. Eyesafe™ has one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Lens Replacement at no Charge

Lenses may be replaced at no charge, one time, within 120 days of receiving the safety eyewear at your Eyesafe™ clinic. Lenses may be replaced for manufacturer defects, non-adaptation, or prescription changes.

Frame Warranty Coverage

Frames are covered under a manufacturer’s warranty for defects only, up to one year from dispensing. Defects refers to manufacturing defects and do not include wear and tear, breakage from handling or frames that have been physically altered or adjusted.

Employees also have seven days from dispensing to return a safety frame for non-adapt. The frame MUST be in brand new saleable condition for the return. The frame non-adapt warranty will not be applicable if the frame shows any signs of wear or usage.

Frame accessories, such as nose pads, are not covered for wear and tear. Certain accessories, such as nose pads, can be purchased directly from a member Eyesafe™ clinic.

1-Year Coatings Warranty

Coatings are warranted against defects for a period of one year.

Let the Eyesafe™ Pros Adjust Your Safety Eyewear

If you require adjustments to your safety eyewear, simply contact your Eyesafe™ clinic. Any adjustments made by the user of safety eyewear may void the warranty or change the impact resistance of the safety eyewear, possibly making the eyewear non-compliant to standards and regulations.

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Questions About Ordering Your Safety Eyewear?

If you’re an employee with a Job Ticket and have questions about ordering your Eyesafe™ safety eyewear, please fill out this form and click the Submit button.

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