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12 Reasons To Join Eyesafe™

Here are 12 important reasons your company should make Eyesafe™ your prescription safety eyewear partner of choice:

Eyesafe™ specialists optimize vision health and safety for your employees

Eyesafe™ specialists provide comprehensive tools to manage your employees’ vision health and safety by matching your employees’ prescription safety eyewear needs with your workplace hazards.

Value for your company and employees

With Eyesafe™, you’re one click away from a program that delivers true value and cost savings for your employees or your company.

Customized to fit your company’s needs

Eyesafe™ is tailored to meet your company’s requirements and make the administration process simple and cost-effective. You choose the allowable frame styles, lenses and treatments that meet your organization's workplace hazards.

Streamline your program with Eyesafe™

Eyesafe™ makes ordering safety prescription eyewear quick and simple for your program administrator. Enjoy separate accounts and reports for each division or site. Security protocols for order management. Simple and intuitive order management. And online ordering from remote locations.

We manage eye safety compliance for you

We’ll help develop and utilize your company’s safety eyewear policy to ensure 100% compliance in your workplace.

Wholesale pricing for safety eyewear—save up to 60%

As a non-profit and Alberta’s largest workplace eye safety program, Eyesafe™ passes our wholesale pricing to our clients. Save up to 60% off every safety eyewear purchase for your company’s employees, reducing your bottom-line safety costs.

The prescription eyewear program that’s free to join

Eyesafe™ is a free eyewear safety program for employers to join. There are no set-up fees for your company, and we custom tailor the program to your needs, regardless of who pays for the eyewear – the employee, the company, or benefits.

Employee access to a professional vision care network

Being an Eyesafe™ program member means your employees receive expert vision care from a large network of 650+ highly trained optometrists in more than 350 locations throughout Alberta. Eyesafe™ is also available in other provinces.

50+ years of eye safety excellence in Alberta

Eyesafe™, Alberta’s largest workplace eye safety program, is administered by the Alberta Association of Optometrists (AAO), and has been in operation for more than 50 years protecting Alberta’s workers.

Strong Eyesafe™ warranty

Eyesafe™ is backed by one of the strongest safety eyewear warranties in the industry. Looking for the best safety glasses for women and men with a great warranty? Look to Eyesafe™.

Quality products, top partners

Eyesafe™ partners with leading occupational safety eyewear manufacturers to deliver the most technologically advanced prescription lenses and frames at a competitive price.

Safety code-compliant: Canadian Standards Association and Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety

Eyesafe™ meets the compliance standards of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the regulatory requirements of Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Code.

Ordering Is Simple As 1-2-3

1.  Create an Eyesafe™ online order in less than 2 minutes from virtually anywhere.

2. Your employee visits an Eyesafe™ clinic. 

3. The clinic staff determine the perfect fit. And, unlike buying safety eyewear online, your employee meets personally with experts on fit, vision care and comfort.

We’re local. The Eyesafe™ team is based in Alberta making it easy to get assistance when you need it most.

Protect Against Workplace Hazards With Task-Specific Eye Protection

As your company’s eye safety administrator, you’re firmly focused on getting your employees fitted with the best protection to help prevent eye injury and irritation. Eyesafe™ can help. It carries a variety of safety eyewear solutions specific to the jobs your employees perform.

Electrical safety eyewear solutions

  • Frames specifically designed to be non-conductive.
  • Any metal is shielded, ensuring better protection from arc flashes.
  • These frames are common with utility workers and those in fine electronics technology that require specific clean room environments.

Impact and debris eye safety protection

  • All frames and lenses meet stringent impact standards.
  • Frames provide enhanced protection from shattering, dust and debris.

Safety eyewear for liquids and chemicals

  • Eyesafe™ is the answer for frames and goggles designed to meet the D3 droplets and splash rating, and the D4 dust protection.

SCBA mask inserts for industrial hazmat and fire protection

  • Eyesafe™ provides prescription safety lenses for most SCBA mask inserts used in industrial hazmat and fire protection environments.

Protecting eyes in specialized hazard environments

  • Specialized hazards, such as foundry work, require special frames where the side shields are made with wire mesh for maximum protection. Eyesafe™ has the solutions your employees need when working in specialized hazard environments.

150+ Frame Choices To Keep Your Employees Safe

Eyesafe™ offers 150+ frame choices in various sizes and styles to fit the facial features of the wearer and mitigate workplace hazards. Eyesafe™ carries frames that are compliant to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Z94.3) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z87.1).

Stylish contemporary safety glasses

Contemporary frames that meet impact standards

Contemporary frames feel and look similar to everyday frames, but meet impact standards. These frames can be made of metal or plastic. Many styles also include spring hinges and are designed to be extremely durable. Contemporary frames accommodate all levels of prescriptions making it a good choice for individuals with high prescriptions.
A picture of sealed gasket protective eyewear.

Sealed and gasket frames give extra protection

A close fit style frame also provides greater protection with a foam or rubber seal around the front of the frame. The seal helps to block out dust and debris. Most frames offer removable seals for ease of cleaning and replacement. Full seals and partial seals (dust dams) are available through Eyesafe™.
Image of a SCBA full face mask

SCBA lens inserts

Eyesafe™ can provide prescription safety lenses for most SCBA mask inserts for industrial and hazmat workers, as well as fire fighters.
An image of close fit protective eyewear.

Close fit frames provide a snug fit

Close fit frames reduce the gap between the frame and the face. Most close fit frames have integrated side shields and generally provide better comfort as the design allows the frame to fit snug.
Image of specialty protective eyewear

Specialty frames available in assorted styles

Eyesafe™ offers various styles of specialty frames including non-conductive, protection from chemical splash, and wire mesh shields for foundry applications.

Quality Prescription Lenses: An Eyesafe™ Program Advantage

Your employees deserve top quality lenses they can trust day in and day out. But be careful, because not all safety eyewear programs have the same standards for prescription lenses.

Buy Safety Eyewear Online - man sitting at desk looking at computer with online shopping

Take a pass on mass produced lenses

Some eye safety programs use mass produced stock lenses to reduce costs, which can lead to aberrations and imperfections. Not Eyesafe™.

Each Eyesafe™ prescription lens is surfaced and edged

At Eyesafe™ every lens is surfaced to a specific prescription and edged precisely to the choice of frame. This combination ensures safety, comfort and long-term satisfaction.

Lens designs from the best in the world

Eyesafe™ prescription lenses are designed by two of the world’s leading lens manufacturers. Both are committed to innovation and technological advancements in optical clarity.

A large selection of lens materials

A wide assortment of lens materials are available through Eyesafe™ and are customized for your employee’s prescription and workplace hazards. We want your employees to have the right fit and optical clarity, allowing them to work safely and productively.

Lens Coatings: Put The Finishing Touch On Employee Eye Safety And Comfort

Lens coatings on prescription safety eyewear enhance durability, performance and appearance. The choice of coatings available for your employees can be customized to meet your company’s budget and safety policy.

Finger touching lens, standing on edge

Scratch-resistant lens coatings

Prescription safety lenses that are scratch-resistant provide protection from fine scuffs, abrasions and marks.

Lens coatings with UV protection

Lens coatings with UV protection block harmful ultra violet light, especially for outdoor workers.

Anti-reflective lenses

Anti-Reflective lenses eliminate glare and may enhance clarity for some individuals.

Customized tints

Tints provide protection from bright environments, such as outdoor sunlight. Tints come in a variety of colours, each offering an advantage for use. Tints can be customized to a specific level of darkness based on your safety policy.

Photochromatic lenses

Photochromatic lenses keep clear indoors, and then darken when exposed to sunlight and ultra violet rays. The greater the exposure to ultra violet rays (i.e. brighter sunlight), the darker the lens becomes.

The Perfect Fit Program: An Eyesafe™ Exclusive For Your Employees

One safety frame does not fit all, which is why Eyesafe™ ensures the Perfect Fit.

Proper Fit and Compliance

Our optometrists and their optometric staff work to ensure the curvature, size and structure of each employee’s face is taken into consideration when fitting the correct frame, in addition to the employee’s work hazards and environment.

Providing the best protection for your employees’ eyes mitigates injuries in the workplace and liability to your company. It’s time well spent.

Canadian Standards Association’s Guideline on Selection, Use and Care of Eye and Face Protectors, CSA Z94.3.1-16 (Clause 9.1), states the following: Prescription eyewear frames should be selected to ensure proper fit on the face of the wearer. A qualified eye care professional should be consulted in both the selection and fitting of frames. The full guideline is available at  CSA Group Store:

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