Can your eye safety program have high standards and low costs at the same time?

March 15, 2017

Yes it can. The right program will deliver both direct and indirect cost savings—and value for both the company and the individual worker.

In fact, high standards and good value should go hand-in-hand when you have the right strategy for your company. The best way to improve your occupational vision care and maximize savings, is with a professional program based on doctor-delivered eye health practices: It should be easy to administer; tailor solutions to the need of the company and the worker; adhere to current industry standards; and be provided by someone with deep experience in health and safety.

It’s the organization, resources and discipline of a professional program that actually delivers real value to companies and employees. The savings can be significant, and provide both short-term and long-term benefit. You may think it’s hard to put a price on the value of giving your workers easy access to such high-quality care for a controlled cost that’s affordable for both the company and the individual. But, there are a number of ways to look at how this helps your enterprise:

The value equation includes a couple of aspects: One is the management or reduction of direct and indirect costs associated with workplace injuries. The other is the immediate savings that a program like Eyesafe can provide anyone looking for prescription safety eyewear.

Workplace injury costs can fall into a couple of categories:


  • Medical costs
  • Emergency response fees
  • Legal fees
  • Insurance premium increases
  • Workers compensation payouts


  • Reduced productivity
  • Lost or poorer quality production
  • Reduced morale
  • Decreased performance and profits
  • Higher administrative costs

These costs can be real dilemmas for businesses at any time—but especially in a struggling economy. OSHA statistics have shown that workplace injuries can also have consequences for employees beyond the actual injury. Disabled workers can earn nearly 50% less than non-disabled workers, and those with a partial disability due to occupational injury can lose a significant percentage of their income year over year. So, the reduction of injuries provided by effective workplace health and safety programs delivers an actual return on investment—according to the OSHA.

When it comes to the cost savings that a specific program can provide, Eyesafe delivers. As a prescription safety eyewear program serviced by optometrists, clients can be assured of the highest standard in vision care. And its administrative features provide efficient cost control for any size company—and more than that—real savings from Day One.

Eyesafe is Alberta’s largest and longest running workplace eye safety program. With more than 500 participating optometrists in over 300 clinics province-wide. The scale of this not-for-profit program (jobs, members, communities served, and products moved), and its wholesale purchasing, equals significant buying power.

This means that from Day One, the program provides real savings in procuring personal protection equipment for participating organizations and their people.

With Eyesafe—the wide range of product choices, administrative features that make program management easier, and other customizable options that help provide tailored solutions—the value equation becomes very real. So you truly can combine affordability and quality—especially in a prescription safety eyewear program.

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