Systems Thinking – Integrating safety eyewear into the PPE program at work

For most trades, coming to the worksite with safety boots, hard hats, and even high visibility vests or clothing is second nature — they just put them on as they leave home and never think twice about it again until the end of the day. It just isn’t the same… Read More

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Employee on jobsite wearing safety glasses

The lens treatment that’s right for your job. Managing lighting levels and glare, inside and out.

Technological advances in terms of style and fashion have made having the newest and coolest safety eyewear both functional and easier to wear. A major change has been the advances in lens tints, colour and coatings for safety eyewear. The seemingly endless options make it much easier to ensure safety… Read More

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Worker in industrial facility wearing hard hat and safety eyewaer

What makes sealed, cushioned, and close-fitting safety glasses important to the job? Here’s the difference.

Hundreds of Canadian workers sustain eye injuries every day and flying particles account for the majority of these injuries. This isn’t always about large particles, in fact in most cases the injuries are caused by very fine particles such as dust. Wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is important… Read More

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Broken security glass that once covered the window of a security checkpoint, now abandoned. Belfast Northern Ireland.

Thickness Matters! Here’s what you need to know about your safety glass lenses.

Did you know that more than 700 Canadian workers sustain eye injuries every day? Flying particles and sparks from welding and grinding operations account for 70% of these injuries and more than 50% of these objects are smaller than the head of a pin1 and can be removed by an… Read More

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The word comfort zone with missing puzzle piece on red background.

Comfort versus Protection  –  Finding the right balance in safety eyewear

Workplace-related eye injuries are all too common and happen more than 200 times each day in Canada.1 These injuries affect Canadian workers of all ages and genders across almost every industry, and the saddest part of this statistic is that the largest majority of these injuries could have been prevented… Read More

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Eye safety toolbox talks - image of 3 workers in hardhats at a construction site

Eye Safety Toolbox Talks – Getting the message out to Everyone!

Education, training, and general awareness of eye safety are keys to any safety program / policy. The question is: How do we get the eye safety message out to all front-line employees, the people providing the service work or doing the production, manufacturing, or construction work? These are the individuals… Read More

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Close up of shattered lens of a pair of safety glasses showing the value of eye protection. Horizontal format with white background.

Some great reasons to NOT fix your safety eyewear!

While the expense of new safety eyewear is a cost consideration, it is important employees be warned against trying to use damaged safety eyewear or try to repair damaged safety eyewear. The resourceful side of each of us wants to ensure efficiency and cut costs, but when it comes to… Read More

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A construction working standing in the road holding a construction hat.

Work outside all day? Learn about UV and how to protect your eyes

Summer is finally here and for those of you who get to work outside all day you’ll need to take care to manage the UV exposure to your eyes. UV is an abbreviation for ultra-violet, and it is part of the sun’s energy that is invisible to the eye but… Read More

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Digital eye strain - woman rubbing her eye and holding her head

Digital Eye Strain & Its Impacts

We’ve all experienced an increase in the amount of time we’re spending on digital devices. In fact, research conducted by the Alberta Association of Optometrists indicates adults in the province are spending an average of 10.5 hours a day on a digital device. That’s close to all of our waking… Read More

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Carpenter jointing timber using a power jointer with a dull blade that creates smoke.

Top 8 Dos and Don’ts for taking care of your safety eyewear

When it comes to caring for safety eyewear employees need to be provided with the education and training necessary to maintain safety eyewear if it is to be functional and last a long time. The basics require employees develop a routine that includes regular cleaning, proper use and proper storage. Read More

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