A construction working standing in the road holding a construction hat.

Work outside all day? Learn about UV and how to protect your eyes

Summer is finally here and for those of you who get to work outside all day you’ll need to take care to manage the UV exposure to your eyes. UV is an abbreviation for ultra-violet, and it is part of the sun’s energy that is invisible to the eye but… Read More

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Digital eye strain - woman rubbing her eye and holding her head

Digital Eye Strain & Its Impacts

We’ve all experienced an increase in the amount of time we’re spending on digital devices. In fact, research conducted by the Alberta Association of Optometrists indicates adults in the province are spending an average of 10.5 hours a day on a digital device. That’s close to all of our waking… Read More

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Carpenter jointing timber using a power jointer with a dull blade that creates smoke.

Top 8 Dos and Don’ts for taking care of your safety eyewear

When it comes to caring for safety eyewear employees need to be provided with the education and training necessary to maintain safety eyewear if it is to be functional and last a long time. The basics require employees develop a routine that includes regular cleaning, proper use and proper storage. Read More

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The word solution spelled out with letters on wooden blocks, the first O is a lightbulb

Lenses fogging? Here’s what you can do.

Fogging has been an issue for workers ever since safety eye wear has been worn, but it has become a more prominent issue during the pandemic with mask wearing.  If you are one of the millions wearing glasses and having to mask up because of COVID you have also likely… Read More

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Selecting the Proper Safety Eyewear for Your Job

How to select the proper safety eyewear for the job

A well-developed eye safety program ensures employees have the proper eye safety education in addition to the correct safety eyewear. This education needs to help employees understand why it’s important to wear safety eyewear and, more importantly, when they need to wear safety eyewear. The selection of appropriate safety eyewear… Read More

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An Eyesafe Optometrist helping a woman try on her safety eyewear

The Perfect Fit vs Online Safety Eyewear

Some would say buying glasses online allows you to find a better selection and lower prices.  But what about safety eyewear? What about prescription safety eyewear? Online may save time and it may be cheaper, but what about quality, fit, and performance? Safety eyewear is an essential piece of personal… Read More

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image of contact lenses

Specialized PPE – Contact Lenses and Safety Eyewear

Can contact lenses be worn in the workplace? This question is a constant in many workplaces and has been a point of contention for at least forty years since contact lens use became more widespread. It is an urban legend that during arc welding or in the presence of IR… Read More

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Safety sign that says caution, wear eye protection

PPE Maintenance – The Top 7 Tips for Maintaining Safety Eyewear

Safety eyewear is one of the most important pieces of personal protective equipment an employee will ever wear. While selection and proper use are important, safety eyewear needs to be maintained if it is to be able to perform as designed over the useful life of the equipment. Employees need… Read More

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Choosing the right lens colour - person trying to decide what colour to choose

Choosing the right lens colour for safety eyewear can be challenging. We can help!

Eyewear is fast becoming a part of fashion, and this includes safety glasses.  Employees are now even wearing dark tint safety eyewear indoors, and the rainbow of coloured lens available is adding to the popularity. The seemingly endless options in terms of lens colour and coatings makes it difficult to… Read More

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Exhausted engineer, construction worker or architect. The scene is situated outdoors in Sofia city industrial financial area during sunny summer day.

The Iron Triangle of Safety Eyewear Selection

Safety eyewear that is uncomfortable or damaged simply shouldn’t be worn.   Safety eyewear needs to be worn to protect the eyes.  That may sound obvious but according the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, more than 700 Canadian employees per day sustain eye… Read More

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