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Chemical Risks To The Eyes

Chemical Risks to the Eyes

Every workplace contains some kinds of chemical – from basic cleaners, to industrial chemicals used in manufacturing. Many chemicals can be extremely hazardous to the eyes, causing temporary vision loss or even blindness. Eye safety is a key way to…

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Preventing Sun Damage To Eyes

Preventing Sun Damage to Eyes

Preventing Sun Damage to Eyes Finally, the days are getting longer here in Alberta. But even before the sun reaches its longest days, we still have some quite blinding sunlight to contend with, often glaring right off white snow, which…

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Digital Devices And Eye Strain

Digital Devices and Eye Strain

Human beings are relying more and more on digital devices. Not only do we use them at work, we use them for entertainment, as alarm clocks, as recipe guides making dinner, and for social interaction of all kinds. The downside…

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Why Use An Optometrist?

Why use an Optometrist?

There are many sources to buy eyewear nowadays – from corner stores to sites online.   So, if your employees know their prescriptions, do they really need an Optometrist? Yes they do.  Here’s why. Eyes tell more than just vision. Optometrists…

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