40+ Years of Managing Eye Safety for Alberta’s Workforce


  • Is committed to delivering the highest standards of prescription safety eyewear excellence in Alberta.
  • Has specialists who provide comprehensive tools to manage your employees’ vision health and safety by matching your employees’ eyewear needs with your workplace hazards.
  • Utilizes your company’s policy to ensure 100% compliance in your workplace.
  • Is a free program for employers to join.
  • Meets the compliance standards of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the regulatory requirements of Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Code.

Reduce Costs up to 60%

  • Eyesafe™ is free to join. There are no set-up fees.
  • Save up to 60% for every safety eyewear purchase at your organization. 
  • As a non-profit and Alberta’s largest workplace eye safety program, we pass our wholesale pricing to our clients.  
  • We work closely with frame and lens manufacturers to provide you with the highest quality and most sought after products. 
  • Eyesafe™ is backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Eye Protection for Your Workplace Hazards

Our priority is ensuring your employees are properly protected to help prevent eye injury or irritation. That’s why Eyesafe™ partners with leading occupational safety eyewear manufacturers to deliver the most technologically advanced products of the highest quality—and at a competitive price.


  • Frames specifically designed to be non-conductive.
  • Any metal is shielded, ensuring better protection from arc flashes.
  • These frames are common with utility workers and those in fine electronics technology that require specific clean room environments.


Eyesafe™ offers 150+ frame choices in various sizes and styles to fit the facial features of the wearer and mitigate workplace hazards. Eyesafe™ carries frames that are compliant to the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Z94.3) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI Z87.1).


Don’t assume all safety eyewear programs have the same quality lenses.

Some programs use mass produced stock lenses to reduce costs, which can lead to aberrations and imperfections. At Eyesafe™ every lens is surfaced to a specific prescription and edged precisely to the choice of frame. This combination ensures safety, comfort and long-term satisfaction.

Eyesafe™ lenses are designed by two of the world’s leading lens manufacturers, both of which are committed to innovation and technological advancements in optical clarity.

A wide assortment of lens materials are available through Eyesafe™ and are customized for your employee’s prescription and workplace hazards. We want your employees to have the right fit and optical clarity, allowing them to work safely and productively.


Lens coatings on prescription safety eyewear enhance durability, performance and appearance. The choice of coatings available for your safety program can be customized to meet your company’s budget and safety policy.

Proper Fit & Compliance
The Perfect Fit Program is exclusive to Eyesafe™

One safety frame does not fit all, which is why we ensure the “Perfect Fit.” Our optometrists and their optometric staff will work to ensure the curvature, size and structure of an employee’s face is taken into consideration when fitting the correct frame, in addition to the employee’s work hazards and environment.

Providing the best protection for your employees’ eyes mitigates injuries in the workplace and liability to your company. It’s time well spent.