New Prescription Safety Glass Frames for 2015

January 9, 2015

Whether you’re in Fort McMurray or elsewhere in Alberta, closer-fitting prescription safety glasses are in high demand in the oil and gas industry. That demand will be better met in 2015 thanks to the upcoming Uvex Rx SW10 Hypershock frames. These sport-inspired frames promise “high impact protection, with streamlined padded temples and a folded nosepiece for a secure, comfortable fit,” according to a recent press release from Honeywell Safety Products.

A closer fit is a common request in workplace eye protection, especially for oilfield workers. In addition, if the wearer is concerned with the appearance of their safety eyewear frames, the glasses do offer a modern wrap-around look in a variety of colour options with a more refined attention to detail.

Lenses Accommodated

These new Uvex prescription frames should work for a wider range of prescriptions because they are available in two different base lens configurations (6-base and 8-base). Although this improves on what is currently available, these still may not fit everyone. We advise safety managers or employees who are shopping for safety eyewear in 2015 to contact or visit their regular optometrist to see if this frame is the best option for their prescription and environment.

Anti-Fog Options

Regardless of brand and style, wearers of any close-fitting eyewear will notice that due to the simple science of heating and cooling, engaging in physical activity can cause lenses to fog. This is also an issue in the winter months when moving between warm indoor environments and cold outdoor environments. Given that it may not be safe to remove the glasses to clean them while wearing them as eye protection, it’s worth considering in advance whether you plan to try to prevent the fogging, or how you will deal with it if it happens.

There are two general approaches to deal with fog – anti-fog coatings and fog eliminator cloths. Anti-fog coatings can add up to $100 to a pair of safety glasses, but are probably the most consistent solution for frequent fogging. Some anti-fog coatings also require an activator spray, which should be applied regularly. Not all anti-fog coatings are designed for safety lenses however, so we encourage you to ask your Optometrist whether these anti-fog coatings are designed for use with prescription safety lenses.

Fog eliminator cloths are the second option and a box of 100 reusable (but ultimately disposable) cloths costs roughly as much as an anti-fog coating.


Close fitting frames are a new & evolving innovation, and we look forward to adding the Uvex Rx SW10 Hypershock frames to our selection. It will be available from your Doctors of Optometry in early 2015. Remember, our Doctors of Optometry will assist you in selecting coatings and options, and ensure your frames perform at their best. The bottom line is – keep your eyes safe. Contact us here at the AAO or contact your Eyesafe Optometrist for the latest product news.

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