How to Choose Your Prescription Safety Glasses

October 10, 2014

Safety Managers, have you ever had an employee come in trying to expense a pair of fancy designer safety glasses  – and then wondered if the glasses were even up to safety code?   Saying yes to the expense feels like you’ve been taken, but saying no could be creating a lot of resentment with the employee.   Or, are you creating more resentment by saying yes, when the guy’s co-workers are wearing glasses that look like they were out of World War II?


So how do you choose which kind of glasses belong in your environment?   Eyesafe will help you do this personally with the help of the medical supervision of our Optometrists, but there are a few key factors we take into consideration:


  1. Your Environment – Indoor or Outdoor? What are the hazards – chemicals, high impact, or particles?    This will affect the type of glasses (regular or sealed?) as well as choosing a range of coatings.
  2. Your Budget – Do your employees stay with you a long time? Are good prescription safety glasses something that might be seen as a reward?  Will a more attractive pair help employees be less careless with the glasses?
  3. Your People – Is your staff young, older, male, or female? It is important to account for differing needs of staff, and types of corrections they are likely to need.


With dozens of options to choose from a wide range of manufacturers, Eyesafe’s doctor-supervised team of experts will help your employees get the protection they need and help you have consistent control over vision safety standards and costs.

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