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Eyesafe™: The smart way to manage workplace eye safety and vision health

Eyesafe™ specialists provide comprehensive tools to manage your employees’ vision health and safety by matching your employees’ prescription safety eyewear needs with your workplace hazards. The Eyesafe™ program also delivers significant value and savings for both your employees and your company.

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Safety Blog Articles

Check out the latest Eye Safety Articles for news, facts and tips to help keep your employees safe on the job.

Safety eyewear needs for different worksite hazards

By Glyn Jones Workplace Hazard Assessment A key to preventing eye injuries in any hazardous environment is recognizing the hazards, following an objective process for hazard evaluation, and selecting and implementing an appropriate control strategy. Safety eyewear is typically part of the control strategy and the type of safety eyewear selected varies with the worksite... Read more »

How to properly take care of your safety eyewear

By Glyn Jones Best Practices for Optimal Protection Like all tools essential for completing work safely, safety eyewear needs to be cared for properly if it is to function as expected. The key to an employee’s success in maintaining and caring for their safety eyewear is helping them get into a routine that includes regular... Read more »

Technological advances impact safety eyewear.

By Glyn Jones Safety Eyewear is Better than Ever In today’s workplaces, safety eyewear is worn by millions of workers every day. The industries that make the frames and lenses for their safety glasses are well aware of the demand for wearable, industry-specific glasses, which is the reason we are seeing advancements happening faster now... Read more »

What makes a safety eyewear lens stronger than a regular lens - What are the options?

By Glyn Jones Modern Safety Eyewear Lenses Eyeglasses have been used to correct vision problems for hundreds of years. Their use as safety eyewear dates back to 1880 when P. Johnson’s patented “eye protector” was used to reduce eye exposure to the bright light associated with the work of firemen and furnacemen. This safety eyewear... Read more »

Integrate eye safety into your ongoing safety education and training.

By Glyn Jones Eye safety and injury prevention are important topics to include in your workplace safety education and training program. The goal is to provide information about the causes of eye injuries, the types of eye protection, and first-aid procedures for various eye injuries. Part of the training and education program will include understanding... Read more »


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