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Eyesafe™ Advantages

Eyesafe™ is a prescription safety eyewear program that’s free for employers to join. It manages your compliance, provides significant savings, and offers the best level of services in the industry.
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Eyesafe™ For Program Managers

Eyesafe™ administrators have a customized resource section devoted to providing helpful information and tools to help you manage your company’s Eyesafe™ program.
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Eyesafe™ For Company Employees

Congratulations! The company you work for is an Eyesafe™ member, and we can assist you in ordering your prescription safety eyewear. This section has the answers you’re looking for to order your prescription safety glasses.
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Book Your Optometrist Appointment

Find an Alberta Eyesafe™ optometrist in your area along with their contact information to book your appointment. Don’t hold off, your eye safety is too important.
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Eyesafe™: The smart way to manage workplace eye safety and vision health

Eyesafe™ specialists provide comprehensive tools to manage your employees’ vision health and safety by matching your employees’ prescription safety eyewear needs with your workplace hazards. The Eyesafe™ program also delivers significant value and savings for both your employees and your company.

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Safety Blog Articles

Check out the latest Eye Safety Articles for news, facts and tips to help keep your employees safe on the job.

How millennials are shaping the future of safety eyewear

Today’s workforce is different than it has ever been with four generational cohorts at work together– Baby Boomers (born 1946-1963), Gen-Xers (born 1964-1980), Generation-Y (born 1980-1995) and Generation-Z (born after 1995).  Social, cultural, and political factors shape the individual values, work ethics, needs and wants of these four groups. They have different ways of thinking... Read more »

Systems Thinking – Integrating safety eyewear into the PPE program at work

For most trades, coming to the worksite with safety boots, hard hats, and even high visibility vests or clothing is second nature — they just put them on as they leave home and never think twice about it again until the end of the day. It just isn’t the same with safety eyewear.  It’s not... Read more »

The lens treatment that’s right for your job. Managing lighting levels and glare, inside and out.

Technological advances in terms of style and fashion have made having the newest and coolest safety eyewear both functional and easier to wear. A major change has been the advances in lens tints, colour and coatings for safety eyewear. The seemingly endless options make it much easier to ensure safety performance while taking advantage of... Read more »

What makes sealed, cushioned, and close-fitting safety glasses important to the job? Here’s the difference.

Hundreds of Canadian workers sustain eye injuries every day and flying particles account for the majority of these injuries. This isn’t always about large particles, in fact in most cases the injuries are caused by very fine particles such as dust. Wearing the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is important and a key part of... Read more »

Thickness Matters! Here’s what you need to know about your safety glass lenses.

Did you know that more than 700 Canadian workers sustain eye injuries every day? Flying particles and sparks from welding and grinding operations account for 70% of these injuries and more than 50% of these objects are smaller than the head of a pin1 and can be removed by an optometrist. The sad fact is... Read more »


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