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The Alberta Government has issued a directive to allow optometry clinics to offer comprehensive eye exams in addition to urgent, critical and emergency care services as of May 4, 2020. You can learn about the safety protocols in place at your optometrist’s clinic here.

Eyesafe – Safety Glasses and Prescription Safety Eyewear

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Eyesafe is a free program administered by the Alberta Association of Optometrists. We make it easy and affordable to deliver the highest standard of eye health to your workplace. Fill in the form below to get started.

Looking for Prescription Safety Eyewear?

Are you employed by an Eyesafe member organization, and looking for prescription safety glasses, eyewear accessories and services? Find a participating optometrist here.

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Machine Worker Wearing Safety Glasses On a Worksite

Ask us how Eyesafe can improve your workplace vision care:

Eyesafe is Alberta’s largest and longest running workplace eye safety program servicing more than 500 participating optometrists in over 300 clinics.

Explore 4 key ways that Eyesafe can upgrade your company’s vision care:

Safety First

See how doctor-delivered safety eyewear—properly fitted to the person and the job—protects your people against a wide range of eye health hazards in modern work environments.

Highest Standards

Learn how we help you adhere to the highest safety standards in the industry with a comprehensive, easy to manage,  prescription safety eyewear program.

Immediate Savings

See how Eyesafe’s not-for-profit status, wholesale pricing and program size provide buying power that significantly lowers your workplace eye safety costs—from Day One.

Effective Services

Explore how we tailor eye safety solutions for any size company and their employees based on best practices and the latest product technology.

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Eyesafe helps you to customize a plan, from choosing which frame styles are allowed, lenses and treatments (including scratch coat and tints) or even contribution limits to assure your company cost certainty.

Step 1 – Design Your Organization’s Program


How it Works: The best workplace eye safety in 5 easy steps


Eyesafe will take that information and create your company’s profile in the Eyesafe Online web portal. Use your login to create job tickets, authorize specific needs for an employee, or even track a job’s progress as it moves through stages of production.

Step 2 – Create Your Company Profile


How it Works: The best workplace eye safety in 5 easy steps


An Eyesafe optometrist will complete a comprehensive eye exam. They will help the employee choose the appropriate safety glasses according to the parameters set in your online Eyesafe company profile and the order is placed.

Step 3 – Visiting An Eyesafe Optometrist


How it Works: The best workplace eye safety in 5 easy steps


When the safety glasses are ready, the employee will return to the Doctor of Optometry’s office for any adjustments required to ensure the ideal fit. Any amount your company has deemed payable by the employee would be collected at that time.

Step 4 – Doctor Dispensed


How it Works: The best workplace eye safety in 5 easy steps


The employer receives a monthly statement from Eyesafe for all employees receiving glasses in a given month, which can be broken down by department level, if desired.

Step 5 – Consolidated Invoice


How it Works: The best workplace eye safety in 5 easy steps

Man Wearing Safety Glasses While Working On A Construction Site


A wide variety of choices include:

  • Safety Frames

    (over 200 from all major manufacturers)

  • Lenses

    (variety of materials and designs)

  • Lens Coatings

    (variety of treatments incl. scratch coats and ultra-violet protection)

  • Dress Frames and Computer Use Lenses

    (prescription dress frames can be fitted with special lenses e.g. computer screen glare protection)

Administration Features

A variety of features to make program management easier:

  • Easy and secure online administration

  • In-person or Webinar Orientation

    (simple, effective web portal enables creation of job tickets and tracking through various stages of production)

  • Customized Setup

    (while assuring that all eyewear meets Alberta’s Occupational Health & Safety regulations)

  • Consolidated Invoice

    (employer receives monthly statement—broken down by department level if desired)

Other Customized Options

  • Eye Exams:

    Eyesafe can be configured to cover professional fees for eye health exams.

  • Eyesafe For The Office:

    Eyesafe can provide special lens coatings or attachments that address various workplace conditions.

  • Contribution Limits

  • Brand/Style of Frame

    (ie. close-fitting, sealed, etc.)

  • Special Authorizations/Exemptions

    (i.e. for employees with unique circumstances or needs)

  • Other Options:

    Eyesafe can also be customized to include items such as non-prescription safety eyewear.

Start Your Eye Safety Upgrade Here.

Please share a little information about you and your organization and we can show you how a tailored program can boost your workplace eye health capacity. Receive a free copy of Eyesafe’s 2018 Guide to Best Practices in Workplace Eye Safety.


News & Events

Eyesafe is a program of the Alberta Association of Optometrists. We’re advocates and strong supporters for the eye health and safety of workers in Alberta. Join us here as we explore the latest trends, knowledge and activity about eye safety and the value of prescription-based solutions.

Please check with us on a regular basis for news and events updates. And join our discussions on social media.

See the complete list of News & Events here.

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05May 20

Eye Safety and COVID-19

Meeting the challenges created by COVID-19 has become a daily, if not hourly, task for all of us. In the workplace, questions emerge about how to protect ourselves from infection.…

05Mar 20

Biohazards and Eye Safety

Safety eyewear is not only required for eye protection against dust, dirt, flying debris, and other projectiles in your eyes, it’s important when working around biological agents. Biohazards in the…

Eyesafe by the Numbers:

Eyesafe is Alberta’s largest and longest running workplace eye safety program and continues to serve companies of all sizes and types in a wide variety of industries.

years serving Alberta organizations
participating Optometrists in over 300 clinics province-wide
client companies in Alberta
Over 0
pairs per year delivered
communities in Alberta with Doctors of Optometry

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