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Macular Degeneration In The Workplace

Macular Degeneration in the Workplace

Macular Degeneration (also known as AMD, Age-related Macular Degeneration) can be quite hazardous in the workplace. Although this condition is not painful, it can cause difficulty for crucial visual tasks such as driving, reading and recognizing faces. What is Macular…

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Preventing Sun Damage To Eyes

Preventing Sun Damage to Eyes

Preventing Sun Damage to Eyes Finally, the days are getting longer here in Alberta. But even before the sun reaches its longest days, we still have some quite blinding sunlight to contend with, often glaring right off white snow, which…

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Why Use An Optometrist?

Why use an Optometrist?

There are many sources to buy eyewear nowadays – from corner stores to sites online.   So, if your employees know their prescriptions, do they really need an Optometrist? Yes they do.  Here’s why. Eyes tell more than just vision. Optometrists…

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